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As a new homeowner, the best call I ever made was to Brian, at Thoroughspect. Brian’s masterful knowledge about the design, function, and health of a home, combined with his expertise in safe and effective pest removal/ exclusion absolutely sets him and his team apart from others in the field. The team spares no detail in their inspections, diagnostics, and work - and Brian is eager to share his wealth of knowledge to support and teach his clients. In a profession where coupons, fliers, and infomercials misguide homeowners into cutting corners and spraying foam into cracks or using poison to “control” an infestation; Thoroughspect is an absolute diamond in the rough.

My husband and I really appreciate all the work that was done to get rid of the unwanted rodents in our home that Brian and Thoroughspect did. We had exterminators and another company try and seal our home but still kept getting mice regularly so I Googled and found this company. The initial charge for the inspection was affordable and with the information Brian provided us including a pretty bad gas leak ( I had no idea Brian does lots of different types of inspections) we knew we had a shot at living rodent free- his trademark.

We had trouble selling our home as we had all sorts of critters running around. We had a few pest control companies and a few wildlife exclusion companies come and check our home out to see why we had a zoo. We had a couple of people spend 10-20 min, 1 guy spend 35 minutes and was pretty good but was going to use foam in the can and copper mesh- no way!


Don’t Let Mice, Bats, Flying Squirrels Keep you Awake in your Own Home

Don’t let rodents keep you awake in your own home. Let Thoroughspect seal your home…

You Could Be Mouse, bat, flying squirrel Free In The Next 30 Days

At Thoroughspect we know what it takes to seal a home correctly so our clients…

Nothing Makes Us Happier Than People Living Mouse, bat, flying squirrel Free

Nothing makes us happier than people living rodent free as it is truly life changing.…

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