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Why do I have mice in my house? The most important thing to realize about mice is that their breeding cycle is at a rate that is hard to keep up with as it takes a mouse approximately 21 days to reach sexual maturity and breed another 6-8 baby. So imagine if you had four female mice breeding in your home at one time, it multiplies rather quickly. This makes processes like mice removal in Greenwich too difficult to accomplish. In addition, mice can gain access into your house be it through the garage, at the foundation level, and yes they can enter at the top of the home as they have access from electrical lines, cable lines, satellite lines, or just the way the house is constructed. If you can fit your finger into a hole on your home a mouse can easily wander through as well.

When sealing a home with mice it is important to physically search every single inch of a home from top to bottom which is obviously time-consuming and the correct materials need to be used.

Mice Removal Greenwich - Why do I have mice in my house

Thoroughspect does not use foam in the can (which is not UV rated and easily chewed) or painters caulk as this is a pointless venture and may cause you to readdress the issue. Copper mesh, roofing grade adhesives, and 18 gauge custom wire hardware cloth that Thoroughspect has custom manufactured are the basic materials plus the knowledge of how to use them correctly in stopping mice from entering the home in the first place.

Thoroughspect does not use poison or glue boards in the remediation of mice as we only use snap traps and one-way exits if applicable to allow animals out. This helps prevent mice from dying in the walls of your home which nobody enjoys. There is no magic poison that makes mice run out of your home to drink water and conveniently die and smell outside, this is a myth that is simply not true as mice derive 99% of the water from their food and any animal on this planet that is poisoned dies when the poison reaches the lethal dose level no matter where they are.